Carbon Lab

We have developed a series of products that will preserve any collection of sneakers/sports shoes or get them back into shape. Collonil has collaborated with sneaker expert and designer, Hikmet Sugoer – founder of Solebox Berlin and the Sonra Sneaker brand. As an important figure and icon of the sneaker community, he knows exactly what is on-trend. With his passion for sneakers and the desire to offer only the best has resulted in our Carbon product line, which protects, cleans and cares for sports shoes from the sole to the upper leather or mesh.

Product Set

Carbon Lab Package

All 5 full sized Carbon Lab products at a special price. All that you need to keep your Sneakers and Sport Shoes in top condition!

$99.00 $110.00
  • - NEW - Carbon Leather Care
  • - Carbon Odour Cleaner
  • - NEW - Carbon Midsole Cleaner
  • - NEW - Carbon Cleaning Foam
  • - NEW - Carbon Protecting Spray
To Set
• Carbon Protecting Spray 300ml • Carbon Cleaning Foam 125ml • Carbon Midsole Cleaner 100ml • Carbon Odour Cleaner 125ml • Carbon Leather Care 150ml

Carbon Starter Kit

Try out Collonil's new Crabon range for Sneakers with this special introductory set.

  • - Carbon Protecting Spray 50ml
  • - Carbon Cleaning Foam 50ml
  • - Sneaker Brush
  • - Micro-Fibre Cleaning Glove
To Set
It contains a (50ml) Protecting Spray (to waterproof and repel dirt), (50ml) Cleaning Foam (to remove dirt and staining), Sneaker Brush (to apply and facilitate cleaning) and a Microfiber Cleaning Glove (to wipe off dirt and residual product). Designed to help keep sneakers (made of ALL materials) i...

Carbon Lab Travel Kit – Aerosol Free

A set of aerosol free products to clean, protect and condition sneakers and sport shoes made of all materials.

$41.95 $45.95
  • - NEW - Carbon Protecting Spray (Aerosol Free)
  • - NEW - Carbon Cleaning Solution
  • - NEW - Carbon Sneaker Care Lotion
  • - Polishing Cloth
To Set
This kit contains a Cleaning Solution for removing dirt and grime from all materials including suede and textiles, a Protecting Spray for waterproofing all materials after cleaning and a Sneaker Care Lotion which conditions and freshen up colours on all materials. This set comes complete with a clea...

All Products

NEW - Carbon Protecting Spray (Aerosol Free)

Long lasting protection/waterproofing for all materials.

100 ml ($23.95 / 100 ml)
Provides high- performance and long lasting protection for all materials including suede and textiles. This Aerosol Free Protecting Spray forms an invisible, breathable and resilient shield on all material surfaces protecting it against dirt and moisture.

NEW - Carbon Protecting Spray

THE high performance protection for ALL materials including High-Tex materials.

$26.62 $29.95
300 ml ($8.87 / 100 ml)
Designed for Sneakers and Sport Shoes made of ALL materials and combinations. The Protecting Spray forms an invisible, breathable and highly resistant protective shield on all surfaces. Protects against moisture and dirt.
Apply Protecting Spray from a distance of approx.. 30cm from the surface of cleaned material. Allow to dry and repeat . Reapply protection after wearing 12 -15 times.

NEW - Carbon Cleaning Foam

Ready-to-use foam with high cleaning power.

125 ml ($17.56 / 100 ml)
Effective Cleaning Foam for All materials. Formulated with Sneakers and Sport Shoes in mind, this easy to use cleaning foam will help get smooth leather, suede, high tech materials, mesh, canvas, textiles, etc. back to its original glory.
Hold Cleaning Foam vertically with the spray nozzle facing down. Spray foam from about 1 cm away on to a sponge (for smooth leather) or brush (for rough leather/ textile/ mesh). Distribute evenly in circular / cleaning motion on the shoe. Remove dirt and excess foam with a clean and moistened cloth....

NEW - Carbon Midsole Cleaner

The ideal formula for cleaning rubber midsoles.

100 ml ($21.95 / 100 ml)
The MIDSOLE CLEANER does the impossible: It restores the original colour of the midsole (the visible rubber sole of sneakers) Helps to remove staining, dirt and discolouration.
Apply Midsole Cleaner to the stained area, use a sneaker brush in circular motion to spread the product and to lift the dirt. Remove residual dirt and product with a clean cloth. Repeat process until completely clean.

Carbon Odour Cleaner

Cleaning and odour neutralising spray.

$17.95 $21.95
125 ml ($14.36 / 100 ml)
Odour neutralising spray not only removes unpleasant odours - it also has cleaning properties which is ideal for keeping the inside of shoes fresh and clean. Can also be used on gym bags, jackets, sportswear, caps, etc. Removes all nasty odours such as smoke, sweat, pet and food odours.
Spray the garment/ cap/ shoes with Carbon Odour Cleaner for approx.. 5 seconds and allow to dry. Spray can also be used upside down.

NEW - Carbon Leather Care

Conditioning lotion spray for leather, suede, nubuck and leather/mesh combinations.

$19.95 $21.95
150 ml ($13.30 / 100 ml)
Hydrating and colour activating lotion spray for smooth leather, suede and nubuck as well as mesh/leather combinations. Gentle enough to be used on delicate lambskin leather as well. Maintains the soft and supple appearance of leather. Contains more than 90% natural ingredients. Solvent-free. Withou...
Spray Carbon Leather Care at a distance of approx. 20cm directly onto the shoe or bag and spread evenly with a cloth. Allow to dry and gently buff off any excess product. For suede and nubuck use a combi-nylon brush to roughen up the fibres.

Sneaker Brush

For dry and damp cleaning for all types of sneakers and sports shoes.

Great for applying cleaning foams and lotions. Helps to remove dirt and stains from the upper part of the shoe as well as from the rubber mid sole area. (Recommended to use with Carbon Cleaning Foam and Carbon Midsole Cleaner)

NEW - Carbon Cleaning Solution

The perfect all round cleaning liquid for all types of sneakers and sport shoes.

100 ml ($21.95 / 100 ml)
A special cleaning liquid designed specifically for sport shoes and sneakers. It can be used on all parts of the shoe including the rubber midsole, laces, etc. Suitable for all materials including suede and textiles.
Apply the liquid on to a cloth, cleaning brush or sponge and work in circular motions to remove dirt. Wipe off residual dirt with a clean cloth and brush up suede.

NEW - Carbon Midsole Sealer

The latest development from our research and development department. The Midsole Sealer seals the midsole providing protection against dirt and staining.

100 ml ($23.95 / 100 ml)
A new and unique formulation designed specifically for the rubber midsole area of sneakers and sport shoes. Forms a barrier against dirt- preventing deep staining and discolouration. Perfect to keep white sneakers looking pristine!
Apply the product on to the sole edges with the sponge top applicator and allow to dry . Your midsoles are now protected! Make sure not to apply this product to the upper part of the shoe. Wash sponge top after use and replace cap.

Carbon Nubuck and Suede Cleaner

Nubuck & Suede Cleaner is a handy, gentle, dry cleaner made of foam rubber with a crepe layer for all types of suede.

Special cleaning block made from foam rubber with a top layer of crepe to clean and remove surface stains from suede and nubuck.

Carbon Spot Cleaner

Dry cleaning block designed to remove stains and dirt spots from suede.

Dry cleaning block designed to remove deep dirt marks, spots and shiny streaks from suede.

Carbon Sneaker Cleaning Brush

Textile brush for cleaning sneakers and sport shoes.

The perfect brush for cleaning textiles and suede on sneakers and sport shoes. Can be used dry to remove surface dirt and dust and can be used with a wet cleaner such as the Carbon Cleaning Solution or the Carbon Cleaning Foam for a deeper clean.