Carbon Pro

Carbon Pro

Extremely durable protection against dirt and wetness.
Our latest innovation in high-performance waterproofers. A revolutionary technology which enters a new era in shoe care. There has never been a product which protects better or lasts longer. It provides heavy duty protection/ waterproofing for all materials. Once the material has been sprayed, a resistant, breathable, net-like structure of polymer chains covers the surface. As a result water droplets simply roll off the surface. The natural pores of the leather are not blocked and 100% breathability of the material is maintained.
Protection and perfect breathability, uniquely combined.

Size: 300 ml ($9.32 / 100 ml)



Collonil makes History

Leather – for thousands of years it has protected people from wind, dirt and weather. And for thousands of years people have tried to make leather more water-resistant and durable.<br/>Since the founding of the company in 1909, Collonil has always worked hard to offer that little bit more of care and protection. This has resulted in a range of path breaking innovations: Biwax, Aerosoles, Nano Pro, Organic and finally Carbon Pro. This film gives a short overview of the various stages in the history of innovative shoe care at Collonil.