Nubuk and Suede

Nubuk and Suede
Suede, rough leather, nubuk and velours – there are many terms that describe this special, velvety material. There is plenty of room for confusion, but it is not hard to tell the difference between them.
Nubuk and suede are types of rough leather. Typical of rough leather is its velvety touch that is achieved by sanding its surface. This results in a beautiful texture wihich is pleasant to touch. Although nubuk and suede appear quite similar by the end of their manufacturing process, the final product is significantly different. With nubuk, the grained side – meaning the outer side of the leather – is sanded which leaves a fine finish with the grained pattern still visible. Roughening the leather makes it more breathable which is not exclusively positive. The leather´s rough surface is more sensitive to dirt, grease and (sun)light which causes the colours to fade. There are two types of suede leather: The flesh-split (lower layer) and the grain-split (upper layer). The flesh-split has velvety sections on both sides while the grain split has a suede portion only on one side. The other side is the actual grain surface. Suede is extremely robust and breathable and is therefore often used for working boots and gloves.

Applicable Products


Nubuk + Textile Classic

Liquid colour care for suede and textiles

100 ml ($13.95 / 100 ml)
Colour care for suede and textiles. This special liquid polish conditions, protects and revives colours.
Shake bottle well. Press sponge top applicator down onto the shoe, apply the liquid evenly. Roughen up fibres with a suede brush once dry.

Nubuk + Velours Classic

Waterproofing spray for suede leather with colour activation

200 ml ($8.98 / 100 ml)
Water-proofing spray for suede. Prevents water and dirt penetrating into the leather which causes staining. Maintains the plush and velvety texture of suede while reviving colour. Available in neutral...
Before wearing the shoes for the first time, spray them three times from a distance of about 20 cm in a well ventilated area. Leave the shoes for about 20 minutes so that the spray can penetrate deep ...

Nubuk Box Classic

Moss rubber sponge

Foam rubber sponge with crepe side cleans and thoroughly roughens up suede leather


Suede leather brush

Suede special brush cleans and thoroughly roughens up fibres - practical for large surfaces

Rough Leather

Rough Leather
In this video we explain the difference between nubuk and suede leather and also demonstrate the most important step of rough leather care: roughening.