Smooth Leather

How to tell the difference between covered and fine smooth leather. We show you how to care for various kinds of leather.

Applicable Products


1909 Leather Lotion

High quality leather lotion

100 ml ($22.00 / 100 ml)
High quality leather lotion enriched with aloe and precious oils. It revives the look of dull leather and cares for all smooth leathers. It protects leather from drying out and keeps it soft and suppl...
Pump the lotion onto a soft polishing cloth. Apply lotion evenly allow to dry and buff.

Waterstop Colours

Conditioning, colour care and mild waterproofing cream for Smooth Leather.

75 ml ($16.67 / 100 ml)
Conditioning and mild waterproofing cream for all types of smooth leather. Enriched with jojoba and almond oil to maintain the supple texture of leather and to enhance its sheen and colour.
Squeeze the tube until a rice grain size amount of cream comes out of the sponge top applicator. Apply a thin and even layer of the cream over the leather with the applicator sponge. Allow to dry then...

1909 Crème de Luxe

High-gloss cream for smooth leather.

100 ml ($18.95 / 100 ml)
Contains natural waxes and oils which protect and nourish smooth high gloss leather. This premium quality leather cream enhances colour and provides a high sheen finish. Available in a variety of colo...
Apply the cream on to leather with either a polishing cloth or an applicator brush. Spread the cream evenly all over the leather allow to dry then buff well with a cloth or a quality polishing brush.

Polishing brush

Horsehair brush

High-grade brush with genuine horsehair bristles. For a fantastic sheen of all smooth leathers and synthetics.

High Tech Materials

High Tech Materials
Functional membranes require special care. Learn more about what to avoid while cleaning and which products we recommend for high tech materials.