High Tech Materials

Functional membranes require special care. Learn more about what to avoid while cleaning and which products we recommend for high tech materials.

Applicable Products


Outdoor Sport Proof

Pump spray

250 ml ($9.68 / 100 ml)
Pump spray without propellants. Waterproofs and protects leather and textile, also with climate-control membrane, against dirt and moisture. It keeps the material resilient and breathable and extends ...
Spray several times thinly from a distance of approx. 20 cm onto the outdoor equipment. Allow to dry. Roughen up suede if necessary. Re-treat regularly.

Outdoor Cleaner

Special cleaner

200 ml ($9.98 / 100 ml)
Cleans and protects outdoor equipment made from leather, textile and synthetic materials including those with TEX climate-control mambrane. Prevents loss of moisture and protects from drying out.
Hold bottle upright and spray the cleaner from a distance of 20 cm. Use a soft cloth to distribute on smooth leather. Dirt dissolves by itself. Leave to dry. Polish if necessary. Use a textile brush t...

Outdoor Leather Wax

Care and protection

75 ml ($16.67 / 100 ml)
Outdoor Leather Wax nourishes stressed leather with natural waxes and refreshes its color. It acts waterproofing and protects leather from wearing out by water and snow. This keeps shoes smooth and br...

Outdoor Textile Wash

A high power specialty detergent

250 ml ($8.80 / 100 ml)
A high power specialty detergent for all functional materials (Soft Shell, textiles with membranes) and fleece. Maintains the breathability of climate membranes. Reduces the pearling of fleece.
Do not use fabric softener. If possible run through an additional rinse cycle. Follow the textile manufacturer directions. Do not wash more than 2 clothing items (ca. 2,5 kg) at the same time.

Nubuk and Suede

Nubuk and Suede
Suede, rough leather, nubuk and velours – there are many terms that describe this special, velvety material. There is plenty of room for confusion, but it is not hard to tell the difference between them.