The right care for all materials

How can you tell the difference between greased leather, synthetics or High-Tex membranes? Find out more in this video.

Applicable Products



Waterproofing and care for smooth leather

50 ml ($22.00 / 100 ml)
Unique Water-proofing cream for smooth leather. Refreshes colour and maintains supple quality of leather. Suitable water-proofing product for travel.
Apply a thin layer on to cleaned smooth leather. Allow to dry then buff with a soft polishing cloth.

Nano Complete

3in1 - Cleaning + Care + Protection

200 ml ($11.00 / 100 ml)
Collonil's innovative new product Nano Complete is a 3 in 1 foam spray which protects, nourishes & facilitates the cleaning of both smooth leather & synthetic materials. This product incorporating nan...
Shake can well. Spray the foam onto a polishing cloth and apply the product evenly over the surface of the material. Allow to dry and buff gently to remove any excess product.

High Tech Materials

High Tech Materials
Functional membranes require special care. Learn more about what to avoid while cleaning and which products we recommend for high tech materials.