Textile shoes are lighter than leather shoes and are thus a popular choice during summer. Water-proofing will help to minimise dirt/soil stains from appearing.

Waterproofing FAQs

Carbon Complete

Protection, Care and Cleaning foam for all Materials

125 ml ($14.80 / 100 ml)
All in one care for all materials. Perfectly cleans, waterproofs and conditions. Long-lasting protection for all kind of materials in just one move. Maintains the breathability and texture of the material. Refreshes colours. Cleaning sponge included in the set.
Apply the foam on to the cleaning sponge. Spread foam evenly on to the material and polish.

Leather Proof Classic

Waterproofing concentrate without propellant

250 ml ($9.18 / 100 ml)
Waterproofs and conditions smooth leather, suede leather, textiles, as well as high-tech materials. Especially economical with its pure active substance in the pump system. Preserves the look and renders colours brilliant again.
Use only outdoors or in well-ventilated rooms. Before wearing the shoes for the first time, spray them three times from a distance of about 20 cm. Leave the shoes for about 20 minutes so that the spray can penetrate deep into the material. Regular application optimises the effect.


Innovative high-tech protection based on Nano technology

300 ml ($8.65 / 100 ml)
Innovative high-tech protection. Incorporates Nano Technology to create a protective barrier on the surface of the material. Suitable for all materials including smooth leather, suede, nubuck and textiles. Nano structures shield textiles and leather fibers to make them highly resistant to water and ...
Shake the can before use. Spray on a thin layer from distance of 20cm. Allow to dry and repeat several times for best protection. Afterwards polish smooth leather if necessary. Regular use optimises protective effect. Use in a well ventilated area.

Carbon Pro


300 ml ($8.65 / 100 ml)
Our latest innovation in high-performance waterproofers. A revolutionary technology which enters a new era in shoe care. There has never been a product which protects better or lasts longer. It provides heavy duty protection/ waterproofing for all materials. Once the material has been sprayed, a res...
Spray the cleaned surface from a distance of at least 30cm. The product must be used in a well ventilated space or outside. Once dry, other care products can be applied. For optimum results the product should be re-applied regularly depending on the amount of wear and exposure to moisture.

Waterproofing textiles

By waterproofing the material it becomes water-impermeable. The inside of the shoe stays dry and dirt does not get the chance to go through the pores into the leather. The waterproofer works in the deep layers of the material and should therefore be applied BEFORE other care products are used (exception: Nano-products). Please waterproof even new shoes before wearing – manufacturers usually do not pre-waterproof their products.

Care FAQs

Nubuk + Textile Classic

Liquid colour care for suede and textiles

100 ml ($13.95 / 100 ml)
Colour care for suede and textiles. This special liquid polish conditions, protects and revives colours.
Shake bottle well. Press sponge top applicator down onto the shoe, apply the liquid evenly. Roughen up fibres with a suede brush once dry.

Textile care

Care products for textile materials especially reactivate the material´s colour. Avoid the use of products from tubes because it is likely the fabric absorbs the product straight away and is thus difficult to spread on the surface.

Cleaning FAQs

Outdoor Cleaner

Special cleaner

200 ml ($9.98 / 100 ml)
Cleans and protects outdoor equipment made from leather, textile and synthetic materials including those with TEX climate-control mambrane. Prevents loss of moisture and protects from drying out.
Hold bottle upright and spray the cleaner from a distance of 20 cm. Use a soft cloth to distribute on smooth leather. Dirt dissolves by itself. Leave to dry. Polish if necessary. Use a textile brush to distribute on suede and textiles. Allow to dry, and roughen up the material if necessary.

Clean & Care Classic

Conditioning cleaning foam

200 ml ($11.00 / 100 ml)
Universal cleaning foam for all materials and material combinations. Deeply engrained dirt will be completely removed.
Spray the foam onto a cloth or sponge (not directly onto the shoe!) and then distribute evenly and generously all over the shoe. After this, use a damp cloth to remove the foam from the shoe. Check the colour fastness of all materials first before using the product.

Textile Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush for textiles

Practical cleaning brush for dry and wet cleaning of textiles, as well as for gentle cleaning of creative fashion leathers.

Bamboo Lotion

Loosens dirt and cares with real bamboo

200 ml ($9.90 / 100 ml)
The Bamboo Lotion loosens stains and treats leather and textile material with precious moisture. Natural bamboo extract prevents loss of moisture and protects from drying out. Suitable for smooth leather and suede as well as for textile material combinations.
Hold bottle upright and spray at a distance of about 20 cm and spread using a soft cloth. Dirt will loosen on it’s own. Brush the dirt off suede and textiles and allow it to dry. Roughen up if necessary.

Cleaning textiles

Before waterproofing and using care products you should remove dirt and mud first. Dry cleaning is a mechanical approach with brushes and cloths, for example. This way cleaning works quickly and the material is treated gently. With heavy stains we recommend damp cleaning with our cleaning products that contain chemical agents. Simply apply the product, allow it to absorb and remove surplus material with a damp cloth. First try out the product on a small part of the fabric that is not exposed to view to test the agent's colourfastness.